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June 2019


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Best Hotels In Dubai

Here I rank my Top 3 Hotels that I enjoyed for 3 days each on my 9 day trip in Dubai.

I enjoyed all three of my hotels on my 9 day trip, and my criterion for these hotels will be: service, bed, location. I will be ranking them from favourite to least favourite.

Hilton Dubai The Walk:
The service was great especially in the lobby, and I definitely enjoyed how nice the people were as soon as we came. The bed was definitely the best out of the three that I will be talking about, very comfortable, spacey, and soft. The location was very good as it was an area that was not very crowded, but that you could also access the center of the city by walking about 10-15 minutes.

Grand Hyatt Dubai:
The service was very good and expected by such a nice hotel, the people were nice and helpful. The bed was also very good, and something that you would expect from this hotel, and that we had read online to be good as well. The location wasn't good and we had to take a 30 min walk on foot, and about 5 min in the car to go to the center.

Atlantis The Palm:
Overall the service was very good and that is something that we have seen with all three of the hotels so far. The bed was not as comfortable as the other two hotels, so that puts this hotel lower than the otehr two. The location is around teh same time from the cenetr as the second one, except it is not next to the sea.

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Best Restaurants In Tokyo

Here I rank my Top 3 restaurants that I ate at on my trip in Tokyo, form my favourite to my least favourite.

To start off I loved all three of the restaurants that I ate at during my stay, but in this list I will be considering for my criteria:
Service, Food, and Scenery.
So this is my list:

Hakushu Teppanyaki: The service was definitely my favourite part, the waiter was one of the nicest people I have met in a restaurant, not bothering you, asking how we were, and also the chef came and asked us for feedback personally. The food was also really good and there speciality was their meat and fish. The scenery was nice and there wasn't a lot of noise despite the place being full, which probably goes down to the design of the room.

Den: The service was also very good here, and it was very enjoyable to be around these types of people. Their speciality was sushi and they prepared very good Wasabi which we enjoyed very much. What I didn't enjoy that much was the scenery, because there were a lot of people I could barely hear my family members while we were enjoying the food.

Sushi Saito: The service was not the best, but that I believe was only because of the fact that the staff could not speak English, and that was annoying, but overall they were nice. The food was definitely the best part as they were serving sushi which was very good to eat. The scenery was the same as the one before as you couldn't hear the people next to you at times.

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My Top Travel Tips

Here I will show you my top 3 travel tips.

Before I start with my tips, I would like to emphazise on one particualr travek blog where I have been very inspired from which is:
Scandinavian Standard URL: http://www.scandinaviastandard.com/

1. Planning:
Before going on a trip, get ready your clothes, documents, and your electronics, etc. It is important to have these thing planned at least 2 days before because a lot of times travellers might forget even one small thing while packing that might slip out of their mind. This can happen to anyone even if you do plan everything before
2. Prices:
This is probably my favourite tip because this can save you a lot of money, but can also be a huge risk. By booking your trip a month or two before, you can get better prices for your plane, hotels, etc, but the risk is planning your vacation and booking it that early can also be a mistake because we are unable to predict the weather and you might be forced to cancel your trip, and in some cases lose money too, because you might be able to refund your tickets.
3. Hydration on Planes:
This is probably the least important, but at the same time most useful. One planes I always like to have with me water, because water is just full of positives, and is really good for solving jet lag when your on a plane. When you are very high in the sky it is very easy to get dehydrated, and I get this problem all the time, what I always do is bring a empty bottle, because you are not allowed bottles of water on planes, and fill it up after the security check.

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